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Jai Gupta
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Dawg CTF 2020 writeups, solution, code snippets, notes, scripts….

UMBC Cyber Defense — can it be breached?

Is the shield for keeping things in or keeping things out? https://clearedge.ctf.umbccd.io/

The website has a shield image as given in the challenge description as a hint.

Downloading and Opening the image on the Stegsolve tool give us the flag.

Flag- DawgCTF{ClearEdge_hiddenImage}


Connect here: https://clearedge.ctf.umbccd.io/

The red box in the source page looks strange, they are actually ASCII value of some text. Decoding them give us the flag.

Flag- DawgCTF{ClearEdge_uni}

Let her eat cake

Yet again, we begin on a journey to conquer: She’s hungry! https://clearedge.ctf.umbccd.io/. Our only hint, she’s hungry!

Decoding the Vigenere Cipher using this online tool:

It give us the text but the flag is not accurate though we get the automatic generated key. Using the same key on the CyberChef Tool
gives the proper flag format..

Flag- DawgCTF{ClearEdge_crypto}

Another Pcap

The flag must be somewhere around here…

We are given a .pcap file lets open it in wireshark. Exporting HTTP requests we got 2 files —

One of the file contain flag.txt which have flag in Base64:


Thanks for your patience, I hope you enjoyed reading. Happy Hacking...

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